The ‘Formula Q’ Chassis:  The basic chassis is jig built, has reassuringly large box section side members, roll-bar spec tubular cross member hoops and cleverly incorporates the HQ front sub frame and double wishbones for good geometry and the rear retains the live rear axle with four link trailing arms.  Despite the modest mechanical specification, at around 800kg it weighs a lot less than a HQ so the performance is rapid with good brakes, safe handling and of course reliability.

The ‘Chilli Rowdster’ Body:  The fibreglass body shell is based on the traditional late 50’s – early 60’s Watson Indy Roadster.  It is just over 200mm wider than the original Watson Roadsters to allow a cosy second seat.

The Race Car:  The car is the standard ‘Formula Q’ chassis, ‘Chilli Rowdster’ body but with a few ‘go fast’  and safety bits added.

The motor is either a 202 or 3.3 block with race spec internals running at around 12:1 compression and triple carbs which requies avgas or 98 Octane or higher for reliability reasons.  The gearbox is either the M21 4 speed or the Celica/Supra 5 speed running back to a LSD Banjo or Salisbury rear end. The rear brakes are upgraded to late model Commodore,  with adjustable bias valve placed in the cockpit.  The wheels are either 17 or 18 inch running 8 inch on the front and 11 inch on the rear wrapped in a full slick tyres.

The Road Car:  The car is an Individually Constructed Vehicle (ICV) and registered in NSW.  It was built using the ‘Formula Q’ chassis, ‘Chilli Rowdster’ body and a selection of donor parts from the H Series Kingswood’s to comply it for registration.  It is fitted with lights, cycle guards and aero screen for road use. Very simple !

Back in 2002 and 2003 when they were first registered they needed to run on LPG for compliance.

The motor is a standard 202 bottom, with a HQ race cam and the head has had a little work. The gas system runs the Gas Research Carby on the bigger two barrel manifold.  The gearbox is a 3speed M20 and runs back to a standard Banjo rear end.  The wheels are commonly available 14 or 15 inch and in keeping with the sporting intention, the vehicle is fitted out with a CAMS spec Roll Bar, harness and extinguisher.  There is currently and upgrade in progress to a late model Ecotec V6 motor from a VZ Commodore which includes the 6 speed manual transmission.