Your Rowdster

A beautiful looking car, near 200 horsepower and sticky tires – what can be better?  Plus the thrill of a single seat racing car – no roof – it’s you against the world.  You can either be racing in various race meetings (against other Chilli Rowdsters and other classes), doing single car events or just lapping race circuits at speeds far in excess of most road cars.

The Chilli Rowdster is not a Historic Car, it is a new car utilising a donor ’H’ series Holden to supply the motor, running gear and front & rear ends. The body is a widened 1962 ‘replica’ Indianapolis Watson Roadster.

The jig built ‘Formula Q’ chassis is a simple combination of a series of hoops connected by two main rails extending from the original front sub frame.  The standard HQ-HZ suspension components bolt straight on and is capable of taking any type of body shape and motor.  The basic Rowdster can be built for the sole purpose of track use or built up for road use as well by using mainly standard donor car parts.

We currently have two Rowdsters with full NSW registration and four Rowdsters competing in the NSW and now one in Malaysia.