After 40 years of involvement in motorsport, Rob Rowe became concerned by the gradual deterioration in the accessibility of the sport to young drivers.  He thought that one way of getting them involved was to build a car that was simple, affordable yet giving entertaining performance.

Along came Rod Moynahan who agreed with Rob’s concerns and together set out in 1999 to develop the ‘Formula Q’ strong and flexible jig built and powder coated chassis.  They also then developed up the stylish fibreglass body shell which is based on the traditional late 50’s, early 60’s Watson Indy Roadster.

The ‘Formula Q’ chassis uses the front cross member from a Holden HQ series donor car and most of the running gear as well.  Bolt in all the bits and you have a light sports racing vehicle with loads of potential.  It’s so easy anyone who can manage Lego can put one together, and the ultimate specification (including body type) is very much up to the purchaser.

The Chilli Rowdster can be either built to race specification or with a few more parts road registered. There is currently two registered in NSW.

Apart from the two road going Chilli’s there is five ‘race spec’ versions that have competed in various Motorsport events including Hillclimbs, Circuit Racing and Club Days.